We supply medical equipment and protection gear

Supplier for medical equipment and protection gear for companies and governmental bodies. Specialized on everything related to COVID-19.
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We provide medical equipment to companies, governmental bodies and those who need it most.

What we promise
We know which products work well, which suppliers to rely on and how to source fast. We will be honest with you and get you what you need but only if we can get it in the right quality.
Only certified
We rely on suppliers we have worked with for months and even years. We will only take on orders that we can promise to deliver with high-quality products.
Extensive logistics experience
We have worked in logistics for years and know how to ship goods fast and reliably.
Our Products

Everything to
protect your team

Surgical Masks, FFP2 with or without valve, FFP3 with or without valve
Disposable Gloves, e.g. Nitril Gloves

we can win this fight.

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